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Wild about Salad

This earthy meaty vegetarian salad has loads of flavour and punch and will leave you feeling like you have eaten a real meal.   Wild Musrhoom, Halloumi & Cashew Salad […]

Upscaling breakfast!

  Technically speaking these are leftovers, but practically speaking this is a delicious brunch meal.  I was unsure about cabbage for breakfast, but by cooking it in some reserved fat from […]

3-Ingredient Fix

  What could be easier than 3-ingredients, and yet what could be more delicious, that sweet spicey prawns, salty creamy halloumi and spicey chorizo.  I usually serve these skewers with […]


  This little pseudo-cereal (its called that because it looks like grain but its actually a seed) is so popular in South America that the UN named 2013 Year of the […]