Progressive Quick Release Cookie Scoop

Whenever we take one of these out at The Cookery we always get asked if it is an ice cream scoop, and technically you could use it as an ice cream scoop (but make sure your ice cream isn’t too firm or it may damage the release mechanism) but it is actually a measure to help you portion things out more easily.

What kind of things?  Well pretty much anything that you need in a 1 ½ or 3tbsp measure.  It was designed for cookies (we use the 1 ½ tbsp measure for our Amaretti cookies and the 3tbsp measure for our chocolate chip cookies) but we also use it for all sorts of other things.   It is the perfect measure to help portion out cupcakes and muffin batter into their paper cases without any mess and to help make sure they are all a standard size.  It works really well for to help get your American style pancakes an equal size.  We also use them to help us make sure our meatballs are all one size.

The device is strong and well designed, but be careful if your batter is too hard the release mechanism can be damaged.  It comes in two handy sizes, and my only complaint, is that they don’t sell them both in a single pack at a better price, because both sizes are really handy and once you have bought the one you will add the other.

Prices can vary from around R169 to R279 each depending on the size you get and where you buy it from and whether you can find any specials.