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Spicy Thai Tuna Cakes (Carb & Fat Free)

I was in the supermarket last night getting sole groceries and I overheard two guys talking after gym.  The conversation revolved around how the one guy thought that tuna eaten straight out the can with some scrambled egg whites was the best meal for his gym program  — why because it is quick easy protein.
The idea is pretty revolting to me so I gave it some thought and here is my response, fat free, carb free, super high protein Spicey Thai Fish Cakes, made in less than 10-minutes, and they taste much better than tuna out of a can with scrambled egg whites!  Diet is a way of life, and trust me you will happily make these a part of your life!
Spicey Thai Tuna Cakes
Makes 4
–  1 can solid tuna drained
–  1 spring onion, finely chopped
–  2 tsp coriander, finely chopped
–  1 red eye chili, finely chopped
–  2 egg whites
–  1/4tsp ginger, finely chopped
–  1 tsp soya sauce
–  1 tsp red curry paste
In a large bowl add all the ingredients and stir till just combined.  In a separate clean bowl whisk the egg whites till stiff.  Heat a frying pan that has been brushed with olive oil.  Fold the tuna mixture into the egg whites and combine lightly.  Scoop four mounds into the hot pan and let them brown.  At least 2-3 minutes before you try and turn the fish cake over, it doesn’t have any binding agents so the cake will break apart if you don’t let it set first.  Eat with a little soya sauce as a dipping sauce.

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