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15-Minute Thai Blackened Chicken & Vegetable Soup


This entire dish takes about 15-minutes to prepare but it has loads of great flavour and is packed full of nutrients.


Thai Blackened Chicken & Vegetable Soup
Serves 4

–  4 large free range chicken breasts, finely stripped
–  6 tbsp light soya sauce
–  1 tbsp light honey
–  2 cloves garlic crushed
–  2 tbsp sunflower oil
–  2 can coconut milk
–  1,5l good quality chicken stock
–  250gms assorted seasonal green vegetables (green beans/mange tout/baby sweetcorn)
–  250gms Udon noodles, plunged into boiling water
–  1-2 tbsp green/red curry paste, depending on your palate
–  2 tbsp coriander, roughly chopped
–  1 small

Start by finely slicing stripping the chicken, combine the sunflower oil, crushed garlic, soya sauce, honey and dried chili if using and add this to the chicken.

Now add the coconut milk, stock and curry paste to a heavy based sauce pan and put on the heat and bring to a slow simmer.  Whilst the coconut mixture is heating, heat a small amount of oil in a heavy based frying pan, until smoking hot!  CAREFULLY lift the chicken out of any left over marinade (mostly its all gone) and add it CAREFULLY to the hot pan.  It will smoke and sizzle.  Try not overcrowd the pan, with a big pan, 32cm I usually do the chicken in two batches.

If you add too much chicken it will broil, and you want it to cook quickly and caramelise.  Because the chicken is so finely stripped it cooks very quickly.  Whilst the first batch of chicken is cooking add your vegetables and coriander to you coconut milk mixture.    The vegetables should still have some crunch to them.  Once the vegetables are ready but crisp, add the udon noodles to the mixture and remove from the heat.

Serve the noodle and vegetable mix topped with the blackened chicken and garnish with some spring onions.

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