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Quick, simple and delicious Melktert


This is the recipe which can be given credit with me embarking on a hunt for the ultimate Melktert, quick and easy to make, the filling cooks in under 10-minutes this is ideal for those bakers who need a quick melktert fix with little hassle.  I am taking this as the first entrant in my Melktert hunt- Congratulations to Mandy Watermeyer who the recipe came from.


Melktert – Mandy Watermeyer

–  1 packet Tennis biscuits crushed and mixed with 125g melted butter – press into rectangular glass
dish to form crust


–  1 Tin condensed milk
–  3 “condensed milk tins” milk
–  2 extra-large eggs
–  3 heaped tablespoons Maizena (cornflower)
–  1 heaped tablespoon custard powder
–  Pinch of salt
–  1 teaspoon butter
–  1 teaspoon vanilla essence

Bring 2 cans of normal milk to the boil in microwave, then add condensed milk and butter to hot milk and mix well.
In another bowl beat remaining tin of milk, 2 eggs, maizena, custard powder and salt till smooth and runny.  Pour this mixture into the bowl of hot milk and beat again – add vanilla

Place in microwave on high for 2 minute intervals beating with hand beater in between to remove  lumps.  Repeat until mixture is consistency of thick porridge – usually 4 x 2 minutes

Pour over base and sprinkle with cinnamon then allow to cool and set

Keeps well in fridge – if there is any left!!!


I made this exact recipe except I took it to the stove stop, old habits die hard.  If you prefer to do it this way it still only takes about 10 minutes to make but there is more elbow grease involved.  Heat the milk in a pot, then make the cold custard mixture as suggested and add the hot milk to that slowly, then place it on the stove and whisk till it s thickened.  

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