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Upscaling breakfast!



Technically speaking these are leftovers, but practically speaking this is a delicious brunch meal.  I was unsure about cabbage for breakfast, but by cooking it in some reserved fat from my meat ragu, the cabbage developed a delicious meaty flavour.  The benefit of using good grass fed beef is that it contains a great balance of good quality fat to great tasting meat.

There is no recipe given here as this is more of a suggestion.  I made a normal beef ragu using the grass fed beef for my dinner.  Whilst the beef was cooking I had the idea for breakfast, so I removed 4 table spoons of the fat and reserved it.  This morning I heated that fat and then slow cooked some cabbage until it was caramelised and filled with flavour.  I topped that with the left over meat sauce and then a free range fried egg and a crack of black pepper.  Left over?  More like new beginning!

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