Chef ‘n Fresh Force Potato Ricer

This handy gadget, which looks a bit like a giant garlic press, is specifically designed for mashing/ricing your potatoes. 

They make quick work of it, meaning mashed potatoes will never again be a chore, the Chef ‘n Fresh Force Potato Ricer is one of the best you can get, whilst it may be more expensive than a plain steel potato ricer it is super strong and the extra gear mechanism means you don’t have to be super strong to rice a potatoes, pop them in one side and get smooth potatoes out the other.

Really fabulous for when you want to make gnocchi as there is no chance of overworking the potatoes as you process them.  The ricer has a stainless-steel basket and is top rack dishwasher safe making it even better!  

We have used the same ricers at The Cookery for hundreds of batches of gnocchi and are yet to have one break or not perform perfectly– well worth the investment.  Retails for around R1000 depending on where you shop.