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Wild about Salad

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This earthy meaty vegetarian salad has loads of flavour and punch and will leave you feeling like you have eaten a real meal.


Wild Musrhoom, Halloumi & Cashew Salad
Serves 4

–  150gms assorted wild mushrooms
–  200gms Gourmet Greek Garlic Halloumi, cut into 0,5 x 0,5 cm cubes
–  8 small salad onions, cut into fine strips
–  40gms baby rocket
–  100gms raw cashew nuts
–  1/2 red pepper cut into fine strips
–  1cm piece fresh tumeric (optional) finely grated


To assemble the salad, pick through the mushrooms and wipe clean.  If there are any bigger shitake or shimeji mushrooms that are too big just slice them into smaller pieces, now in a bowl big enough to fit the mushrooms, add 2tbsp Extra Virgin Olive oil and 1tbsp black balsamic.  Add the mushrooms to this mixture and toss to coat.

Heat a heavy based frying pan over high heat, add 1tbsp olive oil.  When it is smoking hot add the tiny halloumi chunks, don’t move them once you have added them, allow them to caramelise as quickly as possible, then flip them so the brown on the other side.  Don’t fuss too much about trying to brown all sides, as long as you allow the halloumi to get a nice crust on one side it will taste amazing.  As soon as it is caramelised tip it onto a board and allow it too cool.  If the little chunks have stuck together allow the mixture to cool for a minute or two and then just cut it into cubes again – its molten cheese doesn’t matter how it looks it tastes good!

Now finish assembling the salad.  Drain the mushroom from any extra marinade and top the rocket.  Sprinkle the now warm cubes of halloumi over, add the spring onions, cashew nuts and red pepper strips.  If you are using the fresh tumeric grate it over the top at this stage, use a microplane type grater or the pieces could be bitter!  Dress with balsamic and De Rustica Olive oil to your taste.

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  1. Yummy. Cant wait to try this. Think Ill add some crispy bacon to it.

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