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Salty, sweet – definitely yummy!


If you are anything like me, you grew up when you could buy a whole watermelon for R15 (I’m 38 not 80) and it was huge and red – but now supermarkets want us to pay R49 for 1kg of cleaned watermelon.
So I always buy a whole watermelon from my fruiterer, but then have to find as many ways as possible to eat it all. Plain and simple is always good, blended with berries and some yoghurt is an awesome anti-oxidant smoothie and in the following as a salad is great on a hot day like today.

– 600g cleaned watermelon, chunks
– 300g Danish feta, roughly crumbled
– 150g black olives, pitted
– 1 large red onion, finely sliced
– a couple of sprigs of mint
– white balsamic and olive oil

Pile your deseeded watermelon, chopped into rough largish chunks onto a serving plate. Scatter with olives, onions rings, feta and mint and dress 10 minutes before serving (dress to taste). Allowing 10 minutes of standing will allow some of the watermelon juice to blend with your dressing, naturally sweetening it. A crack of black pepper and you good to go.

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