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Gourmet Greek Tiramisu

I love tiramisu and frankly their is absolutely nothing wrong with the original recipe made using mascarpone, it is rich, luscious and always a winner.  However, I am so in […]

Brutti ma Buoni

Ugly but good- is the perfect name for these nutty little macaroons.  I made mine using hazelnuts and orange peel which makes them the perfect little snack to have with both […]

2-Dishes 1 Chicken

Technically speaking this was 2 dishes from 8-pc’s of chicken, I like to use a drum and thigh combo for making this because it has the most flavour and since […]

Wild about Salad

This earthy meaty vegetarian salad has loads of flavour and punch and will leave you feeling like you have eaten a real meal.   Wild Musrhoom, Halloumi & Cashew Salad […]