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Jozi Food Market

Jozi Food Market is a great discovery, based at the Pirates Club on the weekends, this small market is a great bite size morning shop and breakfast outing.  The artisans are […]


Pomegranate juice contains a whopping 3-times more anti-oxidants than red wine or green tea.  A single glass of this superjuice contains about 40% of your daily Vitamin C intake, and also […]

Simply parfait!

Whether you are quickly throwing this together for yourself midweek or assembling it for a weekend brunch, this simple yoghurt parfait relies on great quality ingredients to deliver a truly […]

Left over make over!

This is a slightly different take on breakfast.  It was as invention of necessity, I had a small bowl of roasted hubbard squash left over from my Organic Emporium challenge […]

Oh yeah – gruyère!

Gruyère is a hard yellow cheese famed for its sweet but mildly salty nutty flavours.  The younger the cheese the creamier and nuttier the flavour, as the cheese gets older it is […]