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  This little pseudo-cereal (its called that because it looks like grain but its actually a seed) is so popular in South America that the UN named 2013 Year of the […]

Simply parfait!

Whether you are quickly throwing this together for yourself midweek or assembling it for a weekend brunch, this simple yoghurt parfait relies on great quality ingredients to deliver a truly […]

Poached Peaches

For a quick, sweet and fruity breakfast nothing beats sweet vanilla poached peaches with some vanilla yoghurt. In a small pot add about 350ml water, 1 tsp honey and 1 […]

Dragon Fruit

Following on the story I did on prickly pears is this flamboyant over the top cousin the Dragon fruit, also a member of the cactus family. Celebrated for it’s sweet […]

Bosc Pear

The Bosc pear – in season at the moment – is famed for it’s dense, juicy, smooth flesh which is why it’s also known as the king of pears. Dress […]

Figs and Parma Ham

Sweet and tangy! Oven roasted cherry tomatoes are a perfect way to capture the best of a sweet summer harvest for use when winter hits, and they are great in […]


Who’s a star? Loaded with vitamin C, carambola, or star fruit are a great way to start the day. With a light flavour that has a crisp freshness, the fruits […]