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Simply parfait!

THURSDAY 8 MAY - Breakfast post

Whether you are quickly throwing this together for yourself midweek or assembling it for a weekend brunch, this simple yoghurt parfait relies on great quality ingredients to deliver a truly decadent anytime treat.  Full cream greek yoghurt without thickeners is a must, and the fruit can be changed to suit the season.
Serves 4

– 320ml full cream Greek yoghurt
– 1 cup fresh berries
– 1 cup muesli
– 1/3 cup nuts, whatever you have on hand
– honey to drizzle

Place 2tbsp of the yoghurt into the bottom of your glass and smooth, now layer the berries topped with the muesli and another layer of the yoghurt.  Repeat the process until the ingredients are finished and you end with a few berries on top.  If the berries aren’t very sweet, drizzle them with some honey as you assemble.

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