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Left over make over!

WEDNESDAY 7 MAY 09H30 - Breakfast post

This is a slightly different take on breakfast.  It was as invention of necessity, I had a small bowl of roasted hubbard squash left over from my Organic Emporium challenge box and there was no way I was letting any of this delicious squash go to waste.

So I heated some butter and olive oil in a pan, added some organic garlic and some finely chopped rosemary from my garden.  I fried the cubes of squash until crispy and starting to caramelise.  Set this aside.  Now fry some rashers of streaky bacon and while they are frying poach an egg.  To assemble the dish place the crispy squash on a plate, top it with a few rocket leaves, then the crispy bacon and the poached egg.  The flavours actually worked really well together.

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