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Left over make over!

This is a slightly different take on breakfast.  It was as invention of necessity, I had a small bowl of roasted hubbard squash left over from my Organic Emporium challenge […]


Pancetta is the Italian equivalent as our bacon. It is made from the belly of pig that has been salt cured and air dried, unlike bacon is also commonly smoked […]

Mango Coppa Salad

I am a huge fan of Parma ham and melon, I love the sweet fruitiness of the melon against the salty pork flavour. Try my adaptation of the classic Parma […]

Salsiccia With Grapes

Italian sausages cooked with grapes This dish is simplicity itself but the secret lies in using the best ingredients. Is something I first tried in the hill top town of […]


Bacon and chili pasta! Pancetta, the Italian version of bacon, has a delicious strong porky flavour. Unlike bacons which is mostly smoked, pancetta is salt cured and air dried giving […]