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The meatiest, meat free sandwich!

TUESDAY 6 MAY 2014 - Lunch post

Earlier today I posted a story on Gruyère cheese, the nutty, creamy Swiss cheese.  And then I found myself with a block of this delicious cheese looking for a home.  So this 5-minute meat free steak and cheese sandwich seemed like the perfect winter fix.  A good mix of earthy fleshy mushrooms, some garlic, chili and you have all the flavours of a good meaty sandwich.


Meat Free Steak Sandwich
Makes 1


–  100g mixed wild mushrooms
–  1 dry birds eye chili
–  1 clove of garlic, finely chopped
–  1 single sprig thyme
–  2 tbsp Extra Virgin Olive oil
–  1 tsp finely chopped parsley
–  1 tbsp butter
–  3 tbsp mascarpone/cream
–  salt & pepper
– 25mls brandy
– 20gms rocket
–  40gms grated gruyère or other sharp cheese
–  1 good baguette


Start by heating your pan.  Now add the olive oil, butter, pinch finely thyme with the finely chopped garlic.  Allow it to soften but not to brown.  Now add the mushrooms, cut into rough chunks, the chunkier the better as it will add to the meatiness of the sandwich.  Add the crumbled chili and stir once to coat, now leave the mushrooms to start browning and colouring, do not keep stirring them or they will lose their water and boil.  Also make sure when you add your mushrooms that you do not over crowd the pan as this will also cause them to boil.  Once the mushrooms have begun to get good colour, add the brandy, BE CAREFUL, the alcohol may burn off, don’t get a fright.  Once the brandy has all but disappeared add the mascarpone, fresh parsley and salt and pepper, before dropping the heat and allowing the mascarpone to melt into the mushrooms.  Stir to loosen all the yummy sticky bits.

I like to remove the mushrooms from the pan, and then use the baguette to wipe the pan clean making sure all the yummy flavours are being used up.  Top the baguette with the washed rocket, the mushrooms and then the grated gruyère cheese.

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