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Weekend yum!


After having spent two days in complete shut down doing nothing but relaxing and eating.  I spent a few days at the most incredible place Kings Walden near Tzaneen in Limpopo, I chose the venue because it looked like an incredible place to unplug for a bit – and it was!   But what an incredible bonus to discover Chrissie, a secret chef, who until two years ago had never cooked professionally and who now was creating incredible food.  Dinner was a simple but so good, fresh pea soup with a white truffle cream followed by perfectly medium, Kudu fillet served on candied potatoes and all locally sourced.  Breakfast was an equally  lavish affair of “oeuf en cocotte” with a delicate dot of truffle oil and Chrissies home made bread with farm fresh butter – Wow seriously good simple food!

I will share the recipe for oeuf en cocotte, a delicate baked egg, on Friday since its perfect for the weekend, but I wanted to share something simple today that would work perfectly as a simple breakfast, or light lunch, in fact with a few more rasher of bacon and an extra creamy egg and I’d be good for supper.

There isn’t really a recipe here more of an assembly, each of the ingredients wants the least amount of fuss.  The toughest part is in trying to achieve the perfect poached egg.  There are steps to cooking a poached egg, but getting the perfect poached egg requires starting with the perfect egg.  Your egg has to be free range, this is only because only free range eggs have a thick enough white.  Battery chicken egg whites tend to be runny, when you crack the egg and place it in a side plate the main mass of albumin, white, should cling tightly to the yolk in a thick jelly like mass.  If you start with the right raw ingredient the egg will poach easily, even a greatest chefs would battle to poach an average quality egg.


Step 1:  Heat water in a small sized pot, the pot should carry about 1,5l of water.
Step 2:  Once the water has come to a gentle boil add a 2 table spoons of white balsamic condiment (white balsamic vinegar)
Step 3:  Break the egg into a small bowl that is easy to handle
Step 4:  Stir the water in a circular direction to create a whirlpool.
Step 5:  Drop the egg into the whirlpool and allow it to slowly spin itself around, the thick egg white will cling to the yolk keeping your poached egg together
Step 6:  After 4 minutes the egg should be cooked to a medium level, 5-6 for firm.

You have to poach eggs 1 at a time, but you can keep them covered on a warm plate while you make them.
Lemon Pesto Oil
–  1 tbsp basil pesto
–  2 tsp lemon juice
–  1 tbsp Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Combine all the ingredients in a bowl.

For a single portion use about 12 small asparagus spears, topped with a few rashers of crispy bacon, then the poached eggs and finally a drizzle of the lemony pesto oil.


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