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Smoked Salmon


Smoked salmon is a great source of fat, and yes fat can be good. A 100g serving of the fish contains 3.7 grams of total fat, including 0.45 grams of omega-3 fatty acids. These fats help maintain brain function to protect you from depression, memory loss or even dementia caused by an omega-3 fatty acid deficiency. Each 100g serving of smoked salmon provides 41 percent of the recommended omega-3 fatty acid intake for women, or 28 percent for men. Huge bonus, as you get older these fats help keep your skin plump and healthy looking.

The quickest way to get your salmon fix is a simple New York style salmon sandwich (traditionally a bagel). Spread cream cheese on your toasted ciabatta, top it with finely sliced smoked salmon, onion rings and a sprinkle of capers.
Hint: When eating raw onion rings, once you’ve sliced the onions pour boiling water over them. Leave the water for about 90 seconds then drain and rinse the onions in ice cold water. This will remove the bite from the onions.

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