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Tomato Cooked Eggs

tomato cooked eggs

Yummy breakfast eggs!

Next time you make a batch of simple tomato sauce make a little extra and store it in your freezer. This is a quick, simple and delicious brunch recipe. You can use a basic tomato sauce or flavour it up depending on how elaborate you want your breakfast to be. Sprinkle crispy pieces of bacon on top, or pan fry some mushrooms and add them to the tomato sauce before you add the eggs.
Heat your tomato sauce in a pan, then drop it to a low simmer. Put your eggs on top and pop the lid on so the eggs cook from underneath and steam from above. Depending on how you like your eggs it should only take a few minutes to cook. Drizzle with some good olive oil and a sprinkle of Parmesan.

I take the pan to the table and let everyone help themselves, so that once the eggs are all served you have tomato sauce left over to mop up with some crusty bread.

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