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Figs and Parma Ham


Sweet and tangy!

Oven roasted cherry tomatoes are a perfect way to capture the best of a sweet summer harvest for use when winter hits, and they are great in all kinds of dishes.

When you find an especially good batch of cherry tomatoes at a great price grab a couple of bags. Start by preheating your oven to 100C, rinse your tomatoes, then slice them lengthways, and then by inserting your nail at one end remove the seeds. I add salt, pepper, fresh thyme, and a splash of olive oil to a bowl and then add the tomatoes, tossing till thoroughly coated. Arrange them on a tray in a single layer and roast slowly till they have become wrinkled and have lost all visible juice.

At this stage they are ready for addition to any dish from pasta to a seafood stew. If you intend storing them you will need to follow the standard steps for bottling, I store them in olive oil, I find extra virgin to strong. (I never went through the standard steps because there are a few and getting them right means opening a bottle of delicious tomatoes not rotten ones, if there is interest in how to do it let me know and I will post something)

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