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Oats and Berries

oats & berries

After a weekend that could only be described as a food weekend, I needed something a little healthier for breakfast this morning.
Oats are my old stand by for 5-minute health breakfast. The carbs in oats are low-gi making them slowly absorbed, it is high in fibre and also contains protein making it a well-balanced meal. The high fibre level is what keeps you feeling fuller for longer. In addition one cup of oats will deliver 70% of your days manganese requirements, which is essential in bone formation and health. Plus it only takes a few minutes to cook, top it with some berries and a drizzle of honey and you should be good till lunch time!
(On cold winter weekends I usually cook up a batch, adding a splash of cream a drop of whiskey and top it with roasted almonds and a sprinkle of nougat chunks)

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