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Chicken Pesto

chicken pesto

Working around amazing food all day at Pronto Italian Restaurant & Bar makes trying to be on a diet really difficult and really easy at the same time.

When I am weight training at the gym I always up my protein intake, but after years of training I can’t face endless cans of tuna, so I look for healthy tasty options.

I always add bold flavours to keep my palette entertained while I try munch my way thin. For this dish I used strips of roasted chicken to which I added basil pesto and a splash of cream. I make sure my protein is twice as high as my carbs, with 200g of chicken and 100g of carbs, which keeps me feeling fuller for longer.

As anyone who follows my page knows I love carbs and when I am dieting all I am willing to do is cut them down, never cut them out, I have too much to do during the day to try and function on nothing but salad! I don’t believe carbs are bad I believe being inactive is.

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