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But is it lasagne?

Technically speaking, of course it isn’t lasagne it’s cannelloni, but practically when you consider it, it is a variation on a theme.  So this weeks lasagne is in fact a cannelloni!  Cannelloni are dried […]

Prawn and Chorizo

Some flavours are just meant to go together, like prawns and chorizo. I love the spicey paprika finish chorizo has, and the way a small amount adds so much flavour. […]


I love mushrooms, they cook in seconds and they are loaded with flavour and when you are looking for a good vegetarian meat substitute some of them deliver flavour and […]

Meatball Sub

Cloudy with a chance of meatballs!! Definitely! I love meatballs, first fried till crispy and then allowed to simmer in a delicious red wine and tomato sauce. They freeze really […]


Bacon and chili pasta! Pancetta, the Italian version of bacon, has a delicious strong porky flavour. Unlike bacons which is mostly smoked, pancetta is salt cured and air dried giving […]