Technically speaking, of course it isn’t lasagne it’s cannelloni, but practically when you consider it, it is a variation on a theme.  So this weeks lasagne is in fact a cannelloni!  Cannelloni are dried pasta tubes, that are designed to be stuffed and then baked, like lasagne, in bèchamel.  When I make cannelloni I only work in single layers, because I find it sometimes doesn’t bake well in a double layer.  The tubes can be stuffed with ricotta & spinach, beef ragu, tricolore (ricotta, spinach & ricotta and ragu).


I haven’t provided the recipe for this as it is the standard bèchamel and beef ragu.  Make the meat sauce and allow it to cool a bit before stuffing the tubes with the meat.  Then place a layer of bèchamel in the bottom of your baking dish and line the stuffed tubes up in a single layer.  Top with more bèchamel, mozarella and parmesan cheese and bake in a hot oven until bubbling.  Is it lasagne?  No, but it’s just as yummy!