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Great North African lunch treat!

Quick and easy to prepare, cous cous is a North African product produced from Durham wheat. This versatile starch is quick to prepare (less than 5 minutes) and because of its fairly neutral taste, it is a great ingredient to add other flavours to. Give this North African cous cous salad, Tabouleh, a try you want to use loads of fresh herbs, and try and give the salad an hour or two to stand before eating so that the flavours can develop.

– 1 x 500g packet cous cous
– 30g mint
– 30g flat leaf parsley
– 30g dhunia leaves
– 3 large tomatoes deseeded and diced
– 6 spring onions finely sliced
– 1 can chick peas
– 1/4 tsp ground cumin
– 400g Danish feta cubed
– salt & pepper
– 200g grilled aubergine
– 150g roasted red peppers
– 60g rocket leaves
– 2 green chili finely sliced
– 120ml E V Olive oil
– 70ml white vinegar
– salt & pepper

Prepare the cous cous to the pack instructions and set aside. Prepare and combine all other ingredients, except the olive oil, vinegar and cumin combine these separately.
Add the cous cous to the herb and vegetable mix, and then dress, toss lightly to prevent it from going mushy.
This salad is great the day after.

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