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Pine Nuts


Eat less by munching more of these little nuts!

Pine nuts: these tiny nutrient dense nuts, are actually the seeds of the pine tree. All pine trees produce pine nuts but only about 20 species produce a pine nut big enough to harvest. This tiny nuts is loaded with all sorts of claimed benefits from reducing cholesterol to helping lose weight. They contain essential fatty acid (ω-6 fat), pinolenic acid. Recent research has shown its potential use in weight loss by curbing the appetite. Pinolenic acid triggers the release of hunger-suppressant enzymes in the stomach. In addition, pinolenic acid is thought to have LDL-lowering properties by enhancing hepatic LDL uptake.
They don’t stay fresh forever so I prefer to buy as I need them at home. Lightly toasted they are great served with anything that’s needs a sweet nutty flavour, salads, cakes, tarts, biscuits even with steak.

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