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Breakfast in a Bottle


Shop bought breakfast cereals can be a great choice for a midmorning snack (I’m a believer in the 6 small meals a day diet). The carbs will be put to good use getting you through the rest of the day. I always tweak my cereal so that it adds extra nutritional value.
When I mix up a batch I usually store it in honey jars, sealed, the cereal will last as long as I need it. But more importantly in the morning I just grab a jar and add some fruit to it, with a yoghurt and I have a tasty nutritious mid-morning snack ready to go in 60 seconds.

The only rule I apply is in buying a low sugar cereal. Sometimes I combine 2 cereals for a little more interest.
Try any of the following ingredients: nuts, dried shaved coconut, dried cranberries, raisins, currants, lin seeds, sunflower seeds, the list really is endless. If you have kids involve them and let them choose a favourite ingredient to add, making the cereal their own.
Today I used, Special K, raw cashew nuts and almonds, dried honey coated banana slices all topped off with berries.

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