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Stuffed French Toast

I love the French people’s attitude towards breakfast. Croissant, pain au chocolat, brioche and we can only assume French toast, though I’m not too sure about that. With the weekend […]

Caesar Salad

The original recipe for Caesar Salad did not include anchovy pieces, but I love their salty bite. My Caesar salad includes boiled egg, anchovy pieces, Parmesan shavings and croutons. All […]

Breakfast Panini

I love Saturdays, off to the markets food hunting. This breakfast panini made with mushrooms, crispy bacon and creamy scrambled eggs will keep me going till lunch and I only […]

Valentines Breakfast

February is the month of love, and love means chocolate… And even breakfast isn’t too early for chocolate!! Fresh baguette slathered with chocolate hazelnut spread and a good cappuccino… I’m […]


Crunchy, crusty, yummy bread! Ok this is the last bread related post… But can there be anything better than good bread. Whether you the type who prefers soft crusted loaves […]