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It’s a Vodka kind of Friday!

FRIDAY 2 MAY 15H30 - Cocktail post

This is a really easy to put together after work cocktail perfect for a Friday afternoon.  It is a great thirst quencher but does tend to taste a little bit too much like cold drink, so watch how many you have.  You could do this same tea combination warm with a nice brandy and some white wine but even when the days are cooler I like the icey refreshing fruity vodka flavor.  I posted a Mozarella & Parma Ham Bruschetta earlier this goes brilliantly with that.

Very Berry Vodka Tea
Makes 1 Litre

– 300ml pomegranate juice
– 300ml strong tea
– 300ml pressed berry juice
– juice of 2 limes
– 200ml berry vodka

– honey to sweeten
– berries for garnish
– few sprigs of mint

Make the tea using 2 tea bags.  Allow the tea to cool before pouring the tea, and fruit juices over a jug full of ice, taste the tea and decide about whether or not to add honey.  Add honey for extra sweetness if required and then stir in the vodka, check sweetness and adjust if required.


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