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Greek Yoghurt & Boekenhout Honey Cheesecake

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This is a really simple recipe, its quick and easy and it really makes great use of amazing ingredients.  I added the extra nutty flavour of the nougat but you could probably leave this out for a simpler cheesecake.  The sweetness in this cheesecake comes from the Boekenhout honey, the honey also lends its perfume to the cheesecake which balances incredibly well against the almond flavours of the nougat.  I used a standard biscuit crust made from 150gms biscuits and 70gms melted butter.  I chose an almond muesli crunchie for the crust but really any biscuit will do the flavour in this dish comes from the honey and the yoghurt.  I am sure any pure Greek Yoghurt, check the ingredients there should be nothing but milk and cultures, will work, but if you dont use the Boekenhout honey make sure you choose something with as much incredible flavour.  This honey tastes like toffee and creme brûlée scented with wild flowers and grass, its really incredible just how much it added to the cheesecake.

Greek Yoghurt & Boekenhout Honey Cheesecake
Makes on 22cm Cheesecake


–  2,5 cups Full cream Greek Yoghurt
–  1/3 jar Boekenhout Honey
–  2 free range eggs, large
–  1 tsp vanilla
–  1 tbsp cornflour
–  zest of half a lemon

–  60gms Wedgewood Almond Nougat, finely chopped in a food processor

Sour Cream Glaze
–  500ml sour cream
–  1 tbsp Boekenhout honey
–  1/2 tsp vanilla essence
–  zest 1/3 lemon finely chopped
–  extra Boekenhout honey for drizzling

–  150gms biscuits
–  75gms butter

Start by preheating your oven to 180°C and then line and grease a 22cm spring form tin.  In the food processor start pulse the biscuits till finely crushed then add the melted butter and blended to combine well.  Tip into the spring form tin and flatten on to the bottom of the pan, there is no need to prebake the crust.  In a blender add all the ingredients for the cheesecake mix, excluding the nougat, and blend at high speed for two or three minutes until creamy and fluffy.  Gently tip half the mixture into the baking tin and now sprinkle with the nougat powder, before gentling pouring the rest of the mixture over.  Pour the mixture over the back of a tablespoon as you pour it into the dish so that it allows you to cover the nougat pieces, otherwise they will just float to the top.
Knock baking tin a few times to remove any air bubbles, before baking in the middle tray of the oven for about 25 minutes until the sides are starting to come away and the centre of the cheesecake has a very gentle wobble.  Remove from the oven and allow to cool slowly, do not refrigerate immediately as this will cause the cheesecake to crack on the top.  Don’t be tempted to over bake the cheesecake, it will set.  Make the sour cream mixture by whipping the sour cream, honey and lemon zest till thick.
Once the cheesecake has completely cooled, top with the sour cream mixture shake gently to level before chilling till set, or overnight.

Remove from the dish and drizzle with some more Boekenhout honey before serving.



  1. please advise how many ml of honey equals 1/3 jar

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