Crispy Greek Halloumi

There is something so yummy about the salty, creamy taste of halloumi with its oddly satisfying squeak, and when you add a crispy exterior and a lemony finish it becomes next level.   Crispy Greek Style Halloumi is a great quick snack, prepared in minutes with a minimum of fuss and clean up.  Plus add these crispy slices to a simple salad to elevate it to the status of light meal. 

Crispy Greek Style Halloumi

Recipe by TSJC
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  • 500gms Halloumi

  • 1/3 cup flour for dredging

  • Salt & Pepper

  • Small bunch Fresh Mint

  • 2 lemons

  • ¼ to ½ cup olive oil to fry


  • PREPERATION:  A)  If you Halloumi is in brine remove it and give it a rinse, before patting dry.  B)  In a plate large enough to dust your slices, add the flour and a generous amount of salt & pepper, set aside.  C)  Line a plate with some paper towel to absorb the oil after frying. D)  Cut your lemon into wedges and set aside. 
  • Cut your halloumi into 0.5cm thick slices and add to a dish, to this add about a ¼ cup of water and toss the cheese to ensure it has all had a chance to moisten.
  • Now one at a time add the cheese to the flour and toss to coat it, remove and set aside each slice, until you are halfway through.
  • Now in a heavy based frying pan start to heat a ¼ cup olive oil, continue flouring the cheese while the oil heats.
  • Once the oil is hot, begin to fry the cheese, don’t turn the cheese until you start to see a golden line at the bottom, and before turning be sure that the halloumi is nice and golden.  Once the halloumi is golden on both sides remove and place on some paper towel to remove any excess oil. 
  •  Repeat this process until all the cheese is finished.
  • Arrange your cheese on a plate, add some lemon slices and then top with finely chopped fresh parsley, serve immediately while it is still nice and crispy.


  • If you are avoiding gluten you can do this recipe with a gluten free flour, it is not as crunch but it is still delicious.
  • If you are avoiding all grains and flour entirely, once you have sliced your halloumi drizzle it with a little lemon juice.  Then allow this lemon juice to start to dry, when you fry the halloumi the small amount of sugar in the lemon will help the cheese get great colour – but please note there will be no crunch