These  technically aren’t crepes they are a kind of omelets and a kind of crepes, but it doesn’t matter what you choose to call them, they are delicious, easy to make and versatile.  I like to add loads of herbs to the egg crepe and make sure they are well seasoned to give them lots of taste.  I filled these with a mixture of spinach and smoked salmon, but you could put almost anything into them, so long as the mixture isn’t too heavy as that will tear the crepes.
Spinach & Smoked Salmon Crepes
Serves 4Ingredients
–  4 large free range egg whites
–  4 whole eggs
–  salt & pepper
–  olive oil
–  fresh herbs, finely chopped
–  80gms baby spinach, microwaved till tender
–  80gms smoked salmon
–  120gms cream cheese, well softened
Start by preparing the spinach and setting aside, I find it easiest to mix the cream cheese in with the spinach once it has cooled a bit, you can try and spread it on to the crepes, but the crepe is very delicate and tears easily.  To prepare the egg mixture, whisk the egg whites until the soft peak stage, now whisk the whole eggs until well mixed.  Fold the egg white mixture into whole egg mixture, do this lightly to prevent knocking out too much air.
Start by applying a thin layer of olive oil to a pan, then place on the heat.  Pour a small amount of the egg mixture into the pan and spread it around with the back of a spoon to get a thin crepe.  Once it has cooked, flip it over remove from the heat, now place a 1/4 the cream cheese, spinach and salmon into the middle of the crepe and then roll it up, set aside while you finish the rest of the crepes.  Serve the crepe topped with more fresh herbs and a crack of pepper and salt.
If you are anything like me, any frying pan is a good frying pan, but be careful this mixture does catch quite easily, so non stick is best.  If your non-stick pan, like some of mine has seen better days then apply a layer of non stick spray and then add the butter, works brilliantly and saves you broken crepes.