Blissfully Berry Overnight Oats

There is something so richly satisfying about oats, but with warmer mornings it is just too hot to eat porridge.  So, these Blissfully Berry Overnight Oats are just the trick, they offer a delicious silk breakfast porridge that is lightly sweetened and filled with berry flavours, accentuated by a hint of lemon zest.

Whilst there is a little honey added to the recipe and sugar from the berries you use, that’s about it.  Whilst we use a mix of both milk and yoghurt you really only technically need milk, and even then, that can be any milk of your choosing, but the addition of the yoghurt makes the porridge extra creamy and delicious.

In addition, the fact that you can throw together a bowl the night before means that grabbing breakfast is nice and quick.  But with all those pro’s in mind it is easy to forget that the main reason why overnight oats are so good is that they are good for you!  The process of soaking the oats helps to break down the starches, which means it’s easier to digest.

Blissfully Berry Overnight Oats

Recipe by TSJC
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  • 80gms rolled oats, about 1 cup

  • 250ml milk

  • 125ml full cream yoghurt, plain or flavoured (watch out for hidden sugar)

  • 30ml honey

  • ½ cup of berries, of your choice

  • ½ tsp lemon zest

  • 2tbsp flaked almonds


  • The night before (this is why they are called overnight oats) place the rolled oats, milk, yoghurt, lemon zest and honey into a glass bowl
  • Give it a good mix till everything is well distributed and cover and store in the fridge overnight
  • To prepare your berries, place the berries into a bowl and then gently crush them, now add 1 tsp of honey to the mixture, this will sweeten them and to help them macerate, stir to combine and cover and set aside in the fridge overnight
  • In the morning, give the porridge mixture a good mix, and then serve into two bowls.  Now top this mixture with your crushed berries and finish off with some toasted flaked almonds.  If you like things a little sweeter you could add an extra drizzle of honey over the top


  • HINTS:
  •  You can use any type of milk or yoghurt that you like.
  • You can use sugar or sweetener if you prefer to keep it vegan or don’t have honey on hand
  • Any fruit will do, the process of macerating it in the honey is what will make it nice and jam like.
  • You can also replace the oats and berries with mini jam filled donuts, but you don’t need to soak them overnight (does anybody read this far?)