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Thyme to Dine

The Ultimate Chocolate Treat in a jar! There are few words in a sentence that make me happier than ‘jar’ and ‘chocolate’ but when you add ‘toffee’ I’m finished. Made […]

Hot Chocolate

I like to think being a grown up comes with a few perks, this is one of them. Hot chocolate grown up style. Start by heating 220ml milk, 1 cinnamon […]

Valentines Breakfast

February is the month of love, and love means chocolate… And even breakfast isn’t too early for chocolate!! Fresh baguette slathered with chocolate hazelnut spread and a good cappuccino… I’m […]

Chocolate Extract

What could be better than a pure chocolate extract, made from Mexico’s finest chocolate beans. Add a dash to any dish that requires a deep chocolate flavor… Create a pale […]