Later this week I am posting my recipe for a truly wicked but ever so simple Bread & Butter pudding so I figured I should balance it out with a carb free, high protein lunch.  The Thai people make a dish called Meang-Kum which are little spinach parcels filled with fragrant, sweet, sour, spicey ingredients, it is completely vegetarian.  I’ve taken the basic concept of this dish and added the tuna to bulk up on lean protein, but I have kept all the flavours so that the humble tuna is given a real kick, because of the spinach leaves high fibre content you will feel full even though it doesn’t include a carb.  If you intend making this for work and wraps are too much hassle, just shred your spinach and make a salad, also it is easier to eat at work, no one wants fishy fingers and a keyboard!
Tuna & Spinach Wraps
Makes 4

–  8 spinach leaves
–  2 cans tuna, drained
–  2 spring onions, finely chopped
–  15gms coriander leaves, rough chopped
–  1/2 red pepper, seeded and sliced
–  2 hot red chili’s, seeded and finely chopped
–  2tbsp lemon juice
–  2tbsp olive oil
–  1tsp honey
–  1cm x 2cm strip of lemon, including the peel (cut the lemon into tiny cubes, leaves the skin on)
–  1cm strip ginger, finely shredded, match sticks

To assemble, rinse the spinach leaves and pat them dry, set them aside.  Now drain the tuna and add all the other ingredients, and stir lightly to combine.  Place two spinach leaves in an overlapping pattern and then place 1/4 the tuna mixture into the centre of the spinach leaves and gently roll the wraps up.