TUESDAY 27 MAY 2014 -12H00 LUNCH

Robiola is a soft ripened Italian cheese originally from the Langhe region in Piedmont.  The cheese can be made from cow, sheep or goats milk.  The cheese has a relatively high fat content, around 52% and a creamy, slightly tangy flavour.  It is a fresh cheese and will sour, because of this lightness of flavour it is best eaten alone, in salads or just drizzled with some honey and a few pieces of fruit.

This salad is great, because I usually make a batch of grilled vegetables over the weekend, and store them in the fridge “sotto ollio” under oil, and then whenever I need a salad, sandwich, side dish I just serve what I need.  Use whatever roast vegetables you have on hand, I have chosen these because I had them.  The roasted red peppers always go well with robiola, something about the cheeses tangy delicate sweetness and the acidity and smokey tang of the roasted red peppers.  I used chick peas in this but you could use cannellini beans, or even kidney beans, they add an earthy creaminess and to the bulk of the salad.

Winter Salad with Robiola
Serves 4-6

–  400gms robiola cheese, sliced
–  150gms chick peas
–  100gms roasted red peppers
–  100gms grilled marinated aubergine
–  60gms roasted cherry tomatoes
–  100gms grilled zucchini
–  40gms pine nuts
–  120gms grilled artichoke
–  40gms rocket
–  40gms fresh basil
–  salt & pepper
–  olive oil & balsamic vinegar

Combine all ingredients and toss and serve.  For a little variety briefly heat the grilled marinated veggies in a microwave, WARM THEM NOT COOK, then assemble as before adding the rocket and basil as well as the cheese for a warm salad.