It’s the weekend so it’s definitely time for my Friday afternoon after work drinks snack.  These mini pizzas are perfect whole as a light lunch or cut into quarters to go with drinks.  They take 5 minutes to assemble and you can use whatever you feel want, plain cream cheese & sundried tomato is delicious.  Using a store bought pita is much cheaper than using the pizza based and they deliver a great crunch and texture.
Take store bought pita pockets, brush them with olive oil on both sides a grill under a hot grill till golden on one side and pale gold on the other.  Allow to cool for a minute and then spread a layer of cream cheese on the pale side, it will finish cooking with the toppings.  You can top them with pretty much anything you like, I love things like chorizo & prawns, avocado & spiecy tuna – Today I topped one with chunks of Gorgonzola, caramelised onions and baked till bubbling and melted and the second one I baked with lemony cream cheese (2tbsp lemon juice/60gms cream cheese) and then topped with smoked salmon and capers.  I also added some great mild pepperiness and freshness with an amazing organic baby leaf salad.
If you have a left over pita, and you feel like an indulgent Saturday morning breakfast, cut the pita open and fill it with a chocolate hazelnut spread, then brush with butter and grill till golden.  Top that with creamy greek yoghurt and fresh fruit!