The Ultimate Grilled Cheese

Should you be planning on a movie marathon a grilled cheese is the perfect snack.  It only takes three ingredients (though you can add more), you don’t need any special equipment, and it only takes  couple of minutes to make it!   There are only a few rules to getting the perfect grilled cheese. 

First you must make it in a frying pan, snackwich machines trap the steam inside which affects the crunch.  Second you need butter and plenty of it, this is a treat so spoil yourself.  Third your bread – it needs to be thick cut keep it simple white or brown works best, avoid Low GI breads they contain a mix of grains that make them difficult to toast to a good crunch.  Finally, since this is a grilled cheese you will need a good cheese, you want to choose a good cheese that has flavour and stretch!

The Ultimate Grilled Cheese

Recipe by TSJC
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  • 3 tbsp butter, salted works best

  • 4 slices thick cut bread

  • 120 gms of grated cheese, Cheddar or Gouda work really well (or mix both for flavour and stretch)


  • Start by warming your frying pan over a medium heat, don’t go too hot or the bread will brown before it has toasted all the way through.
  • Spread about half a tablespoon of butter on two slices of bread and place them side by side in the frying pan.  On one half had about 60gms of cheese and cover the pan.  This will allow the bread to start toasting and the steam will help melt your cheese.
  • Once the cheese has melted and the bread has become golden, top the cheese covered slice with the plain piece of bread – and set the lid aside we don’t want to trap anymore steam as we are now after good crunch.
  • Continue to toast the bread, flipping about ever 45-seconds to allow the bread to get nice and crunchy.
  • After about 5 minutes the grilled cheese should sound super crunchy and the cheese should start wanting to leak out of the sandwich – this is a great sign.
  • Now take a few strands of your cheese and sprinkle over the outside of the sandwich, allow it to melt and then flip the sandwich so the cheese is face down in the pan.  This is going to give us that delicious caramelised cheese flavour, repeat on the opposite side.
  • Remove the sandwich from the pan, cut in half and serve straight away.