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Corporate Events & Team Buildings

If you are looking for something different to do with your team, an activity that naturally connects people, then a cooking class is the perfect answer.  Eating is something that unites every single person, no matter who you are at some point you have cooked a meal.  

We offer tailor made events for corporates from between 12 – 28 guests, depending on your needs and budget, costs start at R770pp depending on the number of guests.

A simple hands on class without any elements of competition is a great way to unite a team and allow for some time for guests get to know the people they work with in a personal “out-of-work” kind of way.

Our team provide absolutely everything you could need to make the event successful, we handle as much as possible to ensure that you only need to arrive and enjoy the event with your team – everything from arrival snacks, decor, branding, event invitations, if required we can supply branded aprons, relevant guest gifts, etc.  Please note as we are not licenced clients will need to arrange their own drinks for events, we do not charge any corkage.

For more details you can contact us at info@thecookery.co.za