This very basic salsa adds a nice bite to a quick steak pita.  The pita is best eaten warm but it also tastes delicious eaten cold for lunch at work.  Look out for grass fed beef – the quality is well worth it, the flavor and marbling in the meat give it loads of flavor.  If you can’t get your hands on avocados swop them for cherry tomatoes, they add a nice acidity to the steak.
Sirloin with Chili Salsa
Serves 4
–  2 avocados
–  juice of half lemon
–  fresh chili to taste
–  1/2 red onion/ 3 spring onions
–  20gms coriander / Italian parsley
–  500gms sirloin steak
–  2 cloves garlic
–  2 sprigs rosemary
–  olive oil
–  2 tbsp butter
–  4 whole wheat pita
–  40gms rocket
–  80gms low fat cream cheese (more if you like this is a thin layer)
To prepare the salsa chop the avocado into small chunks, dress with lemon and olive oil immediately, now add the chopped onion, fresh chili and fresh coriander.  Check seasoning.
To fry steak, rinse the steak then pat it dry.  Now heat the olive oil and butter in a pan, add the garlic and rosemary, drop the heat and allow them to infuse with the oil.  Once the garlic starts to brown remove it, increase the temperature.  Season your steak well with salt and pepper before placing it into the hot oil.  Depending on the thickness of the steak allow it to cook for about 4-6 minutes before turning it.  The steak should be allowed to develop a nice colour and seal.  Now flip the steak and cook it for a further 4-6 minutes or until done to your preferred rareness.  Remember to allow your steak to stand in a warm place covered for a few minutes to allow the meat to rest.  Now cut the steak into thin slices, you can trim the fat if you want but if you are eating good grass fed beef free of antibiotics the fat is delicious!
To assemble the pita, cut them in half and then rub with a little softened butter on both sides.  Now grill in a griddle pan until lightly toasted.  Top half the pita with a thin layer of cream cheese, then some rocket, now the steak strips and then a nice big serving of the salsa, before topping it with the final piece of pita bread.
If you are trying to reduce your carb intake I find its still as good with only 1 half of the pita bread, and yes it is carbs but its half the carbs.