Frozen Smoothie Tubs

I have always been a fan of smoothies, tending towards the ones filled with chocolate and peanut butter (Kauai I’m talking to you), sometimes I pretend I’m healthy and I add protein to them, and I will go through phases of blending up everything and drinking it in the morning.  But sometimes it can be a pain prepping up a nice mix of fruit every morning, by pre-freezing single ingredients and then portioning them into bags you can cut the whole process down to about 60-seconds.

This is not so much a recipe as it is instructions on the best way to handle your fruit to make the process easier, you can follow this process with any fruit you like.  Where it is easier to get frozen fruit, ie blueberries etc, leave these in their frozen state.

Frozen Smoothie Tubs

Recipe by TSJC
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  • Bananas – 1 cm thick slices

  • Blue Berries / Raspberries / Blackberries – as is

  • Strawberries – 2cm cubes

  • Apple – 2 cm cubes

  • Pears – 2 cm cubes

  • Mango – 2 cm cubes

  • Pineapple – 2 cm cubes

  • Melon – 2 cm cubes

  • Cherries – pitted and whole


  • To make it easier for your blender start by preparing your fruit into blender sized chunks.  These need to be placed on a piece of non stick paper in single layer and then placed into the freezer.  If needed you can place several sheets on top of each other before freezing.  I find it easiest to keep each fruit separate and then mix them once frozen.
  • On a baking sheet that will fit into your freezer, place a sheet of baking paper.  On to this arrange your fruit in a single layer, then top with a second sheet of baking paper.  If you have more of the same fruit add another layer, or top with a layer of the next fruit you want to freeze
  • Once all your fruit is layered up, wrap your tray in clingwrap and place it in the deep freeze overnight or for at least 5 hours
  • The next day get your individual smoothie size containers ready and then divide your fruit up into the containers based on your taste preferences


  • HINTS:
  •  You can also do this with vegetables if you want to make your smoothies a little healthier.
  • If you need to add a little extra sweetness try adding extra banana, it adds creaminess and only fruit sugars or a little honey.
  • When you blend up your smoothie you will need to add some milk, yoghurt or water depending on your preferences.