As I’ve been scanning through the last few posts I’ve noticed a definite Asian influence, dhunia, chili, ginger and sweet basil, I think it’s because as it gets colder I like more spice in my food because they are so warming.
This is a simple way to handle a simple piece of white fish, it makes a quick supper.  Even though the fish is deep fried it isn’t greasy if you do it right.
Fried fish with Sticky Rice & Red Curry Sauce
Serves 4
–  4 generous fish fillets (a simple fish like hake works well)
–  salt & pepper
–  1 tbsp corn flour
–  1,5tbsp flour
–  1 clove garlic crushed
–  200ml sunflower/canola oil
–  1-2tbsp green or red curry paste
–  1 can coconut milk/ 300ml cream
–  1-2cups jasmine rice
Start by cooking your rice.  I have a fool proof method but it requires a microwave, the secret is to not fuss, so do not wash your rice before you cook it, add it just as is.  Add 1-2 cups of rice, depending on what you need and then top up the pot with cold water, about 2cm over the rice.  Now place on the stove on high, as it comes to the boil give it a stir, and stir it once again after 5 minutes.  Check the water around 10-minutes, if it is running low add some more, bring it back to the boil.  I usually check it at 15-minutes it should be firm but cooked.  Drain it in a colander.  If you want loose grain rice, wash the rice now with cold water.  If you want sticky rice allow the water to drain in the colander but don’t rinse.  Now add the rice to a microwave safe bowl and microwave for 2-minutes, then loosen the rice with a fork and microwave for a further 2-4 minutes.  The rice will steam itself dry and wont over cook.  Sticky rice will be nice a sticky and loose rice will be fluffy and loose.
To make the red curry sauce just add the curry paste and coconut milk to a pan and bring to the boil, it should only take a few minutes.  I use a good quality Thai curry paste that is inexpensive and contains all the right flavours.
To prepare the fish make a paste out of the garlic and ginger with a small amount of salt, pepper and oil.  Now rinse the fish fillets and pat dry.  Rub them with the paste and then dust them lightly with the corn flour and flour mixture.  Heat your oil (coconut/sunflower works well) and then add the fish.  Fry the fish till crispy and lightly golden.
I serve this dish some simple steamed spinach but use whatever greens you have around.  Sometimes I add the greens to the curry sauce and let them cook in that.  If the curry paste is too spicey for you family drop the quantity down to around 1tsp or less, it will still impart a light flavour without too much heat, and next time increase it just a little, palettes are trained.