After 6 failed attempts to create a Banting Friendly pancake for breakfast the idea finally came to me, go simple and don’t try and be clever.  The resulting mix was perfect, light and fluffy delicately vanilla and honey scented stuffed with full cream greek yoghurt.  It was so good I fed it to a friend who ate it all without asking any questions, and was shocked to discover afterwards that it contained no flour or sugar.


Banting Pancakes
Makes 4-6

–  2 whole free range eggs
–  2 free range egg whites
–  1 tsp clear honey
–  3tbsp cream
–  1/2 tsp vanilla essence
–  1 tbsp butter melted

In a mixing bowl, whisk the whole eggs, honey, vanilla and cream, till well blended.  In a second bowl whisk the egg whites till soft peaks form.  Fold the egg whites into the whole egg mixture.  Now in a non stick frying pan brushed with butter add a small amount of the mixture and spread it out with the spoon to create a thin pancake.  Keep the heat low so that the pancake doesn’t brown too much, after about 1-2 minutes gently loosen the pancake and flip it.  Allow 30-seconds before removing and placing on a plate.  By placing the pancake on the plate you will trap some moisture underneath it helping keep its soft texture.  The honey and vanilla worked brilliantly to keep the egg taste away and the texture was great.