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It’s Monday so it’s number 4 in my lasagne a week challenge, don’t know which is more amazing, that I have eaten lasagne every Monday for 4-weeks and I am still loving it or that I have already been writing this page for four weeks!  Tonight’s lasagne is a really simple one, and yet, from two simple ingredients it becomes one of the most delicious and indulgent.

Layer lasagne sheets with  a well made bèchamel top that with small size chunks of roasted butternut, and sprinkle each layer with some Gorgonzola and more  bèchamel.  Make sure you use enough bèchamel or the lasagne might seem dry.  To roast the butternut, cut a butternut into chunks, drizzle with olive oil and dot with butter.  I add plenty of garlic and fresh thyme.  Roast the butternut till crisply charred on the edges, I roast the butternut at around 200°C, so that it chars on the outside whilst still keeping its shape.

I like to get a fair amount of the Gorgonzola on the very top layer to give it a rich finish.  Since the butternut and lasagne are both cooked it only takes around 20-25 minutes in a hot oven.