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    Date: 14/07/2020
    Time: 18h00 p.m. - 21h00 p.m.

    The following Covid-19 Regulations to be in place until further notice:
    These measures will remain in effect until such time as there are new or additional guidelines.
    The following precautions will be taken:
    1.  Hand sterilising stations will be available on entry and at each workstation, but as always we strongly recommend hand washing with water.
    2.  The venue will be sterilised between events and food safe anti bacterial/viral will be used to keep the kitchen safe during classes.
    3.  Public class sizes will be reduced to a maximum of 16 guests, minimum of 9/10 guests.
    4.  All guests will be required to register their details, temperatures and who they cooked with at the beginning of each event
    5.  There will be 6 possible work stations, only guests who arrive together will be permitted to cook together
    6.  To accommodate the groups, tickets will be sold in two's, but please note we can accomodate 2 possible groups of 3 or 4 in each public event, but this will need to be discussed with us.
    7.  Throughout the event all guests will be required to wear masks
    8.  We will still offer table seating after the class with as much spacing as possible, however should guests prefer not to eat in, we will allow take aways.
     9.  Events will now commence 17h30 for 18h00 to allow time for recording of information and to allow for an earlier end time
    To accommodate the change in bookings, events will be listed on our website but bookings will need to be done directly with us, on
    We know and understand that the next few months will be challenging but we assure our clients that we will always do our utmost to ensure your enjoyment and safety.
    Should you have any questions or suggestions that you feel would help us at this difficult time, please drop me an email at For all other event enquiries and bookings please email our info account,
    Stay safe and keep cooking!

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